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Pricing And Services
Prices are approximate estimates. Actual costs may vary.

Fred Open sm
Limited sm

Steel sm

Mark gun
Tom gun
Premium Carry/Home Defense Gun Package Call for quote
IPSC Open Gun (Click here for complete details)  
Premium Open Gun $4,500.00
Standard Open Gun $3,700.00
Premium Limited Gun $2,900.00
Standard Limited Gun (Edge style) $2,475.00
Extras, such as flat top or tri-side cuts, extra holes, lights,
rear view mirrors and sirens are extra


Bevel sm
Norm comp sm

Slide sm

Tree bark sm
racker sm
Heinie bck sm
Heinie frt sm
Bomar sm
threading sm
Glock bark sm
Buffing sm
Glock cuts sm
870 cut sm
Doc mnt sm
Rev work sm
parts washer sm
bench work sm
supress sm
Grip smooth sm
everett barrel
Blk Limited sm
slide cut
ARPC smithing
checkering sm
ports cuts sm
700 rifle lg
muzzlebrake lg
green sights
Base Shop Prices (parts and materials not included)
Minimum Charge Per Job $30.00
Per Hour $60.00
Man & Machine Per Hour
Written Estimates
Detail, Clean & Inspect
1911 Custom Services (parts and materials not included)
Fit Extended Ejector $45.00
Fit Extended Mag Release Button $35.00
Fit Match Trigger $60.00
Fit Extractor, Tuned & Polished $50.00
Fit Most Grip Safeties $60-$120.00
Fit Match Slide to Frame $70-$150.00
Bevel and Blend Mag Well, steel frame $75.00
Bevel and Blend Poly Frame (STI/SV/Glock?) $50.00
Tune & Polish Magazine Catch $50.00
Fitting of most Ambi-Thumb Safeties $75.00
Fitting of most Single Side Safeties $50.00
Machine STI/SV Under Trigger, Radius Sides of Grip $60.00

1911 Steel Frame High Cut Grip

Polish Feed Ramp, Throat & Chamber $70.00
Trigger Jobs $80-$150.00
Checkered Front Strap (20 LPI) $220.00
Checker Front Strap (30 LPI) $250.00
Install Sirens More
Install Rear View Mirrors Even More
1911 Slide Modifications (parts not included)
Charging Handle Install with Ball Detent $75.00
Fit Match Barrel Bushing $70.00
Open and Flair Ejection Port $75.00
Tighten Slide to Frame $110.00
Fit Full Length Guide Rod $40.00
Milling for Bo Mar sight $140.00
Serrate Rear of Slide $70.00
Novak Low Mount Rear Sight milling $90.00
Cut Dovetail for Front Sight $70.00
Fit Dovetail for Front Sight $30.00
Flat Top Slide $70.00
Lighten Rear of Slide $90.00
Barrels (parts not included)
Fit Match 5" Barrel & Bushing Complete $240.00
Fit Match 5" Bull Barrel Complete $200.00
Thread Pistol Barrel for Comp $85.00
Cut and Crown Barrel $65.00
Cut, Headspace and Polish Chamber $60.00
Repair Link and Timing $65.00
Fit Cone Comp to Barrel $200.00
Glock Work (parts not included)
Trigger Job (includes shortening trigger stroke) $175.00
Install Magwell $15-40.00
Install Oversize Mag Release $30.00
Install and Fit Lightened Striker $25.00
Install Sights - standard, no mods to slide $45.00
Install Sights, milling required Call for quote
Install Match Barrel $140.00
Tree Bark Grip $100.00
Remove Hump in Grip (requires Tree Barking) $75.00
Ruger MKI & MKII
Complete disassemble and clean $60.00
Install and Tune Match Trigger $100.00
Clean, Polish and Tune (package-requires test fire) $75.00
Ruger 10-22
Install and Tune Match Trigger $95.00
Complete Dissasemble and Clean $60.00
Install Bull Barrel (fit to stock) $120.00
Install Oversized Charging Handle
Remington Shotguns (parts not included)
Install and Tune Easy Loader $120.00
Relieve Loading Gate Area $120.00
Mount JP Sight on Barrel Rib $65.00
CZ75 (parts not included)
Trigger Job $120.00
Other CZ Services Call for quote
Smith & Wesson Revolvers (parts not included)
Trigger Job (K,L & N Frames) $100.00
Tuning, Maintenance and Repair Call for quote
Install Crane Ball Detent
Chamfer Cylinder
Clean, Inspect & Oil Gun (parts not included)
Complete Strip, Clean and Inspection $40-$100.00
Written Report $20.00
Function Test & Sighting (ammo not included)
Function Test - Mandatory on Some Jobs $15.00
Sight In Handguns $45.00
Sight In Rifles $60.00
Drill & Tap
First Hole $45.00
Additional Holes - same set up $25.00
Hardened Surfaces - added charge per hole $15.00
Remington 700 (Assembly & disassembly of firearm and parts extra)
Threading for Brake or Supressor $75-$110.00
Recrown (11 degree) - All Calibers $65.00
Rebarrel in Same Caliber $400
Scope Mounting Call for quote
Bedding Jobs Call for quote

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All prices subject to change. Services will be added or dropped dependant upon demand, tooling, parts availability, or simply because I don't feel like it, and after all, I own the joint!
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I warranty all my work. If my work fails, I will make it right.
I do not warranty parts unless it was my work that caused it to fail.