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A Little About Us...

  My name is Rob Shepherd, and I love the shooting sports! I have been competing in USPSA and Speed Steel competitions since 1986. And I have also competed in Cowboy Action shooting, Sporting Clays, Trap, Skeet, Bullseye, IDPA, High Power Rifle, Long Range Center Fire, Sub Machine Gun, NRA Action, Silhouette, and Bowling Pins events since 1984. USPSA (IPSC) shooting was my focus, and I became a Grand Master in the late 1980s. I learned very quickly that you couldn’t win matches with inferior equipment.
    I started working on guns when I was about 14, and my Ruger 10/22 started failing me. Through the years I've learned from three local gunsmiths until I felt confident enough to start my own business. I opened “Major Nyne Guns” in 2005 in my garage in Salem, Oregon and building fully custom competition guns is what I quickly became known for. True to my roots, I wanted to remind folks that I do so much more and needed more room to do it. So in 2010 we moved our home and business to 19 acres outside the town of Brownsville, Oregon. We changed the business name to “Shepherd Custom Arms” and expanded services on rifles and shotguns. In November 2011, I quit my day job and now gunsmith and train full time. We are truly blessed! We love what we do, and the friendliness of our neighbors, customers and the small town environment.
   If you have a project or have questions about the work I do, call or email me. All drop-offs and pickups are by appointment only. If you make an appointment, please be on time to prevent overlapping with other customers. This ensures that I can focus on your individual needs without distraction. I discourage ‘drop ins’ as I may be in the middle of training or precision machining which cannot be interrupted and also for safety, as I test fire and train on the property.
   I offer private and group training on basic marksmanship, firearms cleaning and maintenance, firearms safety and competition shooting. Classes are arranged by appointment.
See my Lessons page for more information.